ViGo is a natural biostimulants containing highly concentrated seaweed extract derived from Durvillaea potatorum which grows in deep cold sea in south Australia, and fish protein enzymatically extracted from cold sea fish. It's 100% water soluble, applicable via all types of fertilization methods. Compatible with most liquid fertilizers or pesticide (agitation is recommended when mix together). No stain on surface of fruits or leaves after foliar application.

Main ingredients:

Organic matter≥200g/L , Mg≥8g/L, Zn+Fe+Mn+B>3g/L

Concentrated seaweed extract、Enzymatically degraded fish protein、Free amino acid

Mineral elements, etc.

Functions and effects:

Improve crops immune system, increase ability of resisting abiotic stress;

Boost growth of root system and development of crops;

Enhance flowers and improve fruit setting;

Reduce stress to crops when being applied along with pesticide/fungicide/herbicide.

Application guides:

- Foliar application:

Diluted by 750-1500 times, foliar spray at intervals of 7-15 days, can be used at all growth stages.

- Drip system:

7.5 – 15 liters / hectare, diluted by 500 times or higher.

- Root dip:

Before transplanting, dip roots in 1000 – 1500 times diluted solution.

- Stress prevention/recover from disease:

Foliar spray with 500 times diluted solution.

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