A clear liquid combination of multiple biostimulants and high content of phosphorus,  potassium and various micro elements. Contains 18 types of free amino acid, concentrated seaweed extract, algal oligosaccharides, betaine, mannitol and sterol active substances.

It can boost crops potential, to resist stress, improve ability of self-healing; increase crops uptake rate of nutrients, improve flower and fruit set, promote fruit coloring and swelling, increase crops yield and quality.

Main Ingredients:

Amino acid≥100g/L, P2O5≥400g/L, K2O≥500g/L, B+Zn+Mn+Cu+Mo≥3g/L

Concentrated seaweed extract.

Density: 1.67-1.72

pH(1:250): 8.5-9.0

Functions and effects:

Boost crops potential of growth, supplement necessary nutrients for crops, improve resistance to environmental stresses such as frost, drought, flood and pesticide damage.

Regulate crop physiological activity, promote cell division, stimulate differentiation of flower buds and elongation of pollen tubes. Solve the growth problems caused by unfavorable environment and malnutrition during flowering stage.

Rich in free amino acid, along with high level of phosphorus and potassium, which can effectively increase efficiency of photosynthesis, promote veraison of fruits and accumulation of soluble sugars, improve crops quality.

Application guides:

Foliar spray:

Suitable for whole life stage of various vegetables, fruit trees, oil crops, cereal crops and cotton etc. especially recommended to apply during the stage of flower bud differentiation and stage of fruit swelling and coloring.

Spray with 800-1000 times dilution at the interval of 7-14 days.


200ml * 40

1L * 12

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