Fi+ Ca

Fi+ Ca

The product is based on the fish extract enzymatically degraded from deep sea fish, which contains polypeptide, free amino acid and organic calcium, then formulated with calcium, magnesium and boron. The formulation enables nutrients to be absorbed and transported in plant more quickly. The free amino acid from fish extract can stimulate crop potential, improve quality and yield.

Main ingredients:

Ca≥150g/L, Mg≥20g/L, B≥2g/L, Organic matter≥30g/L, Amino acid≥13g/L,

Fish protein.

Density: 1.47-1.52

pH(1:250): 5.4-5.9

Functions and effects:

Fish protein combined Ca, Mg and B, providing highly efficient secondary and micro elements to plants, increase absorption and usage rate of calcium, effectively prevent physiological disorder caused by Calcium deficiency, such as Fruit cracking, Bitter pit, Blossom end rot, Tipburn, Blackheart.

Calcium and Magnesium coordinately promote photosynthesis, increase chlorophyll content, prevent leaf chlorosis and leaf drop.

Boron promotes absorption of Calcium and sugar, increase fruit density, prolong shelf life.

Free amino acid and polypeptide from enzymatically degraded sea fish can promote growth of flower and fruit, increase crop ability of resistance, improve fruit flavor and commodity value.

Application guides:

● Foliar spray: spray 800-1500 times solution on fruits and both sides of leave from the early fruiting stage throughout before harvesting, apply 3-5 times in the season at an interval of 15 days.

● Drip irrigation: 15-30 liters per hectare.


200ml * 40

1L * 12

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