Chitosan + Fosthiazate

Chitosan + Fosthiazate

Active Ingredients:

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Product Features:

This product is a contact and systemic conductive nematicide formulated with chitosan and Fosthiazate.

Chitosan inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria by changing its structure and function of the cell membrane, and improves the immune function of crops such as disease prevention and resistance.

Fosthiazate can hinder the activity of nematodes and prevent the invasion of plant roots by nematodes. Used according to the recommended dose, the control effect of cucumber root knot nematode is good. Crops can be directly colonized after treatment.



1. Application time: Use before colonization. To ensure efficacy, transplanting should be done on the day of application.

2. Specific use: Sprinkle the agent evenly on the surface of soil, then use a rotary tiller or hand tools to mix the agent and soil thoroughly. The mixture depth in soil needs to be 15-20 cm.

3. Do not apply on windy days, or when rain is expected within 1 hour. 

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