It’s a fish protein derived from single specie source --- Australian sardines, using our proprietary two-steps enzymatic degradation technology which can extract more free amino acid and omega-3 fatty acid in small molecule from the raw material. The product is a thick yellow-brown liquid without separation or swelling during storage.

Main Ingredients:

Amino acid ≥ 200g/L, organic matter ≥ 200g/L, Ca ≥ 2g/L, Mg ≥ 13g/L

Density: 1.16 g/L

pH(1:250): 5.5

Functions and Effects:

Provide food to microorganism in soil and create beneficial rhizosphere environment for crops;

Boost growth of hair roots, improve crops uptake ability of nutrients in soil;

Improve crops resistance to abiotic stresses, such as cold, heat and drought;

Help plants repair physical wounds, reduce opportunities of being infected by viruses and fungus;

Improve crops quality and increase fruits’ flavor and solid contents when applied along with NPK and mineral elements.

Application guides:

Drip irrigation: 15-45 kgs per hectare, dilute 500-800 times, apply at the interval of 7-10 days.

Foliar spray: dilute 500-800 times, apply at the interval of 7-15 days.


10 kgs/jug

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