It's a 100% water soluble powder fertilizer composed by enzymatically degraded amino acid and plenty of mineral elements.

Main Ingredients:

Amino acid: 10%

Mg: 5.5%, Zn: 3%, Fe: 2.5%, Cu: 0.7%, Mn: 2%, B: 1.7%, Mo: 0.1%,

Concentrated seaweed extract.

Density: 0.8-0.85

pH(1:250): 3.0 - 3.5

Functions and Effects:

● Instant soluble, enables high uptake and usage rate.

● Mineral elements combined with natural organic nutrients which can effectively prevent micro elements deficiency of crops.

● Rich in free amino acid which can promote nutrient uptake, improve crops resistance to environmental stress, strength the plants, increase desirable yield and quality.

Application Guides:

Foliar spray:

To prevent elements deficiency, dilute in 1500-2000 times, apply 2-3 times during key growth stages of crops at the interval of 10-15 days.

When element deficiency occurs, apply with 800-1000 times dilution at the interval of 7-10 days till the symptoms disappear.

Root flush:

 Apply 2-3 times from the early growth stage of crops at a dosage of 15-30 kg per hectare at the interval of 10-15 days.



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