C+ Zn

C+ Zn

Seaweed oligosaccharide combined zinc, which can be absorbed by plant quickly with higher using rate. Strengthen plant, increase ability of resisting stress, promote metabolism of nitrogen, improve photosynthesis rate, increase earing number.

Main ingredients:

Zn≥150g/L, seaweed oligosaccharide.

Density: 1.42-1.47

pH(1:250): 4.2-4.7

Functions and effects:

Prevent and correct runt seedling, yellow seedling and dwarf plant caused by continuous drought/rain, or low temperature.

Application guides:

● For vegetable: apply with 600-1000 times solution when necessary.

● For fruit tree: apply during budding, shooting and young fruit stage, foliar spray with 1000-1500 times solution at an interval of 10-15 days, 2-4 times in each season.

● For field crop: apply during seedling, tillering and early heading stage, use 300-750 ml per hectare by spray.


200ml * 40

1L * 12

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